Romantic Spring Engagement Shoot


A spring engagement shoot

When I first met Anatasia and Goren, I instantly saw how much love and excitement they had for each other and their future! With their weddding only just around the corner, we all wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous seasonal sunset in Canberra and have a spring engagement shoot. I wanted to create something romantic and whimsical with this shoot, but keep it simple and focus on the love between these two beautiful people. We headed to the National Arboretum Canberra which I’m always excited to visit as no matter what time of year you go there, you can always create different looks and moods to the photographs. The beautiful florals to accompany the shoot were made by the talented folks over at The Floral Society. One thing I encourage my clients to focus on in their shoots is each other and not myself. Eventually after enjoying some quiet time, they almost forget I’m there and the real magic comes out as they interact with each other. Anastasia and Goran were so relaxed and open for me, it created such a beautiful shoot and treasured memories of this special time in their life together.

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Florals // The Floral Society