Individual Presets

Wedding & Portrait Presets

for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

Welcome to my collection of individual Adobe Lightroom and ACR Presets for wedding and portrait photographers. These presets are designed to enhance your RAW camera images, save you time and help you achieve that individual style to your work.


Why use these presets?


Apply your chosen Adobe Lightroom preset to your import and simply adjust exposure and white balance to achieve the desired look. By using one preset throughout your work, not only do you save time but you also achieve a consistent look.l


Do you like my editing style? I use these presets to achieve my look. I am inspired to edit photos (especially wedding photographs) to achieve a artistic look but keeping the skin tones looking natural. It is important to me that my images remain fresh in 10 years time and are not outdated quickly in editing style.
(It is very important to use them on RAW files, since the presets otherwise can not work properly.)


With image-by-image editing, you quickly have irregularities and aberrations that affect the quality of your wedding documentation or shooting. My Estella Presets in both the Romance and Lovely Collection allow you to edit entire weddings in a uniform look so no major inconsistencies are noticed.


Within a few clicks (usually just exposure and white balance) you can achieve a very consistent and individual look. By tweaking the Split toning or HSL sliders, you can go further to achieve your own customized preset!


The product range includes 2 packs (Romance and Lovely Collection) both color and black/white, so you can choose and even combine the presets with each other, without losing your signature. There is also a Lovely 01 Expansion Pack as this is my most popular preset sold!


Invididual Presets