Photography Workshops
Photography Workshops



In collaboration with CAMERAPRO and Sony Alpha, this Fashion photography lighting Workshop offers a dynamic 4-hour experience designed to elevate your fashion and portrait photography in the incredible Loft Studios in Brisbane.

Learn the art of planning shoots and art direction, lighting, optimise camera settings, and explore various techniques to create captivating portraits. Whether you're using a Sony camera or any other brand, this workshop will enhance your skills to the next level.

Each attendee will have one-on-one time with two professionally signed models in a photography studio and industrial session.

Not only do we have some incredible loan pieces coming from the new collection of Salita Matthews, but our professional models will be styled by talented hair and makeup artists. Following the event, Join Shae and the rest of the attendees to engage in a group review and Q&A.

You will learn:

Understanding the significance of lighting in portrait photography
Maximising your use of Sony Cameras and Lenses
Exploring optimal camera settings to enhance portrait photography.
Practical session on utilising natural light effectively for portraits
Planning your own fashion shoot professionally
With over 2.5 hours of shooting, you are bound to get plenty of amazing photographs and enhance your skill set!

Photography Portfolio Building Workshops


Come join Shae Estella x SONY ALPHA Australia for her exclusive photography workshops for wedding and portrait photographers.
These photography workshops are carefully curated to deliver exceptional opportunities to learn in a supportive and inclusive safe environment.

All levels of wedding photographers are welcome to build your portfolio and push your skills to the next level in wedding, portrait and fashion photography. Everything is provided for you to capture professional content for your portfolio.

Any camera system is welcome, you do not need to exclusively shoot with Sony. Sony camera systems and lenses are available to loan for the shoot days on request.

Only limited spaces for photographers available to keep this content exclusive.

Photography Workshops
Photography Workshops Photography Workshops


“Fabulous event. Shae taught us so many different techniques and shared heaps of tips. Exceeded my expectations and gave me more confidence. Value +”

– Wendy Coad

“Shae was AMAZING! She answered all of our 100 questions & made the whole day so much fun!It was incredible to learn from her & watch the pro in action”

– Lauren Edwards

“This event was so inspirational and educational. Shae was wonderful, helping us through all our questions. Shae taught us so any valuable skills.”

– Heather Miller


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