Abigale and Paul’s Noosa Wedding at Maison La Plage

A Noosa Wedding mix of Maison La Plage Ceremony and Ricky’s River Bar Reception has to be one of the most fun, “destination wedding flex” and chic ways to have a wedding on the Sunshine Coast.

Over the past two years, I’ve been luckily enough to photograph more and more of these wedding days and just thoroughly enjoy everything about them. The combination of starting off the wedding ceremony at one of the most beautiful beaches rated in Australia, to allowing your guests a wonderful sunset cruise on the Noosa ferry hire service to enjoy the Noosa River views (and a bit of canal house snooping!), followed by one of the best restaurants for your reception is an exceptional easy way to celebrate your wedding day.

Abigale and Paul’s wedding was all of the above plus more. We allowed extra time prior to the ceremony to capture some wedding party photos to shorten the amount of time needed for Portraits after the Ceremony. These Noosa Wedding pre-wedding photos were just taken on the suburban streets of Noosa which was a nice and relaxed way of starting the day! Although Maison La Plage and it’s surrounding areas along the beach and national park provide some beautiful spots for portraits, I find with these weddings most of my couples want to enjoy that down time on the boat. I really enjoy capturing the bustle of Hastings Street and the interaction between the whole wedding party and guests moving from ceremony to the ferry as it really gives a lovely candid look at what the Noosa Wedding was.

For Abigale and Paul’s large destination wedding crowd, we ended up fitting on two Ferrys throughout the afternoon trip and we had Abigale and Paul swap over ferries half way to enjoy the time with all of the guests which was a lot of fun for everyone. Overall if you are thinking of having a Noosa Wedding and would love this experience for the guests, I do highly recommend it.