About Shae
moody Engagement shoot by Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Shae Estella Photo


There are two parts to my approach to photography:

1) The fleeting moments:

Because of my passion to see past the posing, I have spent years honing a sensitive watchful eye for moments that are fleeting. These moments that make you stop and be in awe of the love surrounding you. Whether it be your parents in absolute awe and tears of joy as you marry your love, your grandmother dancing for joy on the dance floor or your best friend delivering a speech that opens up a whole new meaning of appreciation for you. The love felt for you. The love you feel for others. That is what I capture.

2) The moments between you and your loved one:

This isn’t about “posing” or going off for shots because you have to. This is creating a part of your wedding day which is just as important as the ceremony. Having that time alone to be in the moment and be mindful of the promise you made to each other is extremely valuable to raising the quality of your wedding day. To join you in this short time and be able to capture this for you to look back on in years to come is priceless. My aim is for you to see this time as sacred and one of the most enjoyable moments of your wedding day.

If this sounds important to you, then Shae is the photographer for you.

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