Whiskey Drinker. Has a fur child. Can laugh at herself.


the short and sweet stuff about me…

I work hard so my dog can have a better life.

Dancing and music frees my soul and lifts my spirit.

I get teary during most wedding ceremonies.

I am desperately trying to grow fruit on my lemon tree.

Wanderlust doesn’t even begin to cover it.

There’s never enough coffee.

My travel fuels my passion, life & joy.



Hey! So before we work together you have to tell me a story about yourself, and we have to take the Harry Potter quiz and land in the same house. Otherwise this is just not gonna work. Know that I’m goofy, chilled out and love what I do. For me to create amazing work I have to connect with you, I think that’s super important.

My style is natural, candid and romantic. I focus on the connection between you, your partner and at a wedding, between your family and friends too. I don’t like stiff awkward poses and hate cheesy smiles. I’m all about making you truly enjoy the moment with each other, be natural, relaxed and be YOU!

My ideal client is a couple who’s stupid, crazy in love. Who cares about photography almost as much as I do. Nature-loving free spirits. Someone who on their wedding day cares more about the emotion and experience than the glitz and the glamour of it. Who’s wild enough to hike to the top of a mountain with me because the scene is breath-taking. Who doesn’t mind taking their shoes off and getting a little dirty. Who doesn’t care when it starts to rain. Who’s willing to dedicate the time necessary to create strong work. Who lets me get creative and experimental. Who trusts me and my process and lets me do my thing. Who sees what I do as art, and is willing to do what it takes to make something KILLER together. And finally, who allows themselves to be themselves. Most of my portrait sessions end up feeling like we are all hanging out watching the sunset and enjoying we don’t have to be anywhere particular. This is what I love about my clients!




I’m lucky enough to be featured often in wedding magazines and online blogs. It is a true privileged to be recognized for my passion and style within the wedding and fashion industry. Having a background in fashion photography, my personal projects often collaborate with other talented wedding industry vendors to create beautiful inspiration for my clients and show them what could possibly be. If you would like to be involved, get in touch!